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Obama Mortgage Refinance Program 2013

If you’ve accessed the Making Home Affordable website in the past, look again. Many of the criteria for the Obama mortgage refinance program have been modified, waived or no longer Apply. Those who might not have qualified or been able to afford certain fees associated with the mortgage refinance program may find that Obama refinance plan 2013 will now work for them. The termination date of the Obama home refinance program has been extended as well from December 31, 2013 to December 31, 2013.

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Benefits you can avail from Mortgage Refinance Programs Announced By President Obama:

  • President Obama has announced some billion in to a fund principally designed to help homeowners who are facing foreclosure.
  • The U.S Peoples who qualify for the Obama Mortgage Refinance Program only have to pay 38% of their earnings towards mortgage payments.
  • The Obama Mortgage Refinance Program allow for 00 to be reduced on the mortgage for up to five years.

What is the Obama Refinance Program?

Beginning in 2009 the Obama administration put together a mortgage refinance relief program for homeowners who were struggling to hang onto their homes. Whether it was because of the economic downturn or lending practices which had put homebuyers into mortgage products they could not afford the plan was to help. Unfortunately, it did not aid anywhere near the number of homeowners that it was supposed to. There have been several modifications since the Obama home mortgage refinance program was announced.

Changes in Obama Refinance Plan 2013

One of the major changes that are part of the latest iteration of the Obama stimulus mortgage refinance plan is the upper limit restriction. The former plan limited the LTV(loan to value) ratio to +125%, that upper restriction has been removed though the lower one of 80% remains. In addition, appraisals and some associated fees have either been waived or modified. This allows homeowners who would have participated in the mortgage refinance programs but could not afford the fees associated with it to participate.

Obama’s new mortgage refinance program and how to qualify!

In order to qualify for this program your mortgage must be secured by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac prior to May of 2009. You must be current and on time with your payments for the last six months and late no more than once in the previous six. Since the program has been extended to December of 2013, even if you currently don’t meet those criteria, you have time to correct that. You must owe more than 80% owe what your home is currently worth. There is no longer an upper limit.

How to Apply for Obama mortgage refinance program?

You Apply for this program through your mortgage lender, but if allof this Obama mortgage refinancing program seems too complicated, you can Apply right here at Our financial experts are familiar with how to Apply for Obama refinance plans and can make sure that you have all of the paperwork and other necessary documents in order before you Apply. Let us help you to make sure your application is a success.

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